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EZ Gas Framing Nailer has unique designs: pop-up effect, indicator light, easy maintenance, and the battery discharge function:

 1. It helps you load/ unload fuel cell with the pop-up effect
 2. The indicator light shows the state of the gas nailer.
 3. The fan can be easily and vertically removed from the top of the tool.
 4. The battery charger is equipped with discharge function to release all powers inside before re-charging automatically. It helps to prolong battery life span.

Gas Insulation Nailer 
Portable Insulation Gas Nailer



► 414 x 450 x 110mm  
► 3.11 KGS / 6.8 LBS
(include battery + fuel cell)


► Nail shank dia: 2.6 ~ 3.1mm 
► Concrete nail length: 45 ~ 50mm 
► Over all length: 30 ~ 160mm  

Gas Insulation Nailer (GNI160 & GNI200)
Gas Insulation Nailer (GNI160 & GNI200)


Gas Insulation Nailer (GNI160 & GNI200)




► 490 x 450 x 110mm
► 3.16KGS/6.97 LBS
(include battery + fuel cell)


► Nail shank dia: 3.2 ~ 3.6mm 
► Concrete nail length: 42 & 52mm 
► Over all length: 30 ~ 200mm  

*Tool's Specification:

    - Battery: App. 4000 nails per charge
    - Fuel Cell: Both GAS90S(165mm) and GAS40S(154mm) are workable

Gas Insulation Nailer (GNI160 & GNI200)


To fix insulation materials onto wall.


► More efficiency and labor-saving than Powder Actuated Tool 
► Cordless, great self-powered and easy to maneuver
► Unique design for fuel cell loading and unloading
► No gas smell when loading and unloading fuel cell
► Easy maintenance and equipped with maintenance indicator light

Gas Insulation Nailer (GNI160 & GNI200)

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