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Central Fastener was founded in 1982
As a professional company supplying pneumatic staplers and nailers,

we offer the most comprehensive range of models in Taiwan.

Central Fastener Co., Ltd.

Over the past three decades, our products have been exported to every corner of the world, with Europe being our star market. During this time, we have gained an excellent reputation for our profound experience, professional expertise and strong commitment to service. 

Our main goal is to provide our customer with excellent tools. So when it comes to our products, we always emphasize our products' high quality. To meet a variety of customers’ demands, we provide all kinds of pneumatic staplers and nailers, Like strip nailers, coil roofing nailers, 0.64 (23 Gauge) pinner/braders, corrugated fastener tools, and hog ring tools. Not a long time ago, we were the first manufacturer in Taiwan to extend our product line to fuel cell and gas nailers, maintaining our leading position in this industry. 

We were not only satisfied with our current line but also tools. We continue to develop various gas nailing tools & fuel cells and other pneumatic nailing tools. In this way, we can keep releasing innovative products for different applications in the future and offer our customers the best service as we have done always.

we are the only Fuel Cell manufacturer in Taiwan
Our products are 100% made in Taiwan

The following unique features:

1. Each drives 1100 shots and working smoothly at low temperature.
2. Can be used with gas nailing tools of other brands.
3.  More than 99.7% of usage rate – In another word, there is almost no gas remains within the can when the fuel cell used up.
4. Fuel Cell has long shelf life and can be stored for more than 2 years without leakage.

For shelf life, we have already printed 30 months from production for some customers.

Central Fastener Co., Ltd.

LINE/ Skype/ Wechat/Whats app : ezfasten

TEL : +886-2-2218-3756

FAX : +886-2-2218-3722

Contact Address : 12F, No 100, Minquan Rd., Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Factory Address : No. 181, Renhuagong 3rd Road, Renhua Industry Park, Dali Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

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